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April 29th, 10:15am - 11am


2nd and 3rd Grade - Erin Soderberg http://erinsoderberg.com/
8:40am - 925am


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2:00pm - 2:45pm

Authors in April

April 29 – May 3, 2019

Synopsis for Teachers, Parents, and Students

The Hampton PTA is once again a proud participant in the nationally recognized Authors in April, Inc.

program. Unique to Rochester, this non-profit organization is in its thirty-sixth year of bringing renowned

authors/illustrators and their books to the students and families of our community. PTA shares their goal to

encourage students to become lifelong readers, to improve their own creative writing ability, and develop a

greater appreciation, understanding, and discernment of quality literature and art.

The authors will visit our school on Monday, April 29 to give a presentation on why and how they wrote the

books and decided on the style of illustration. Parents may attend if they wish. The authors will sign all of their

books during the week of their visit. Please note which author will present for each grade. Your child will

attend only the presentation for his/her grade. You may, however, order books (at up to 20% off retail) by

any author (some of the authors have books that appeal to various grade levels).

This is not a fundraising event – it is an important enrichment activity. The PTA pays $1,400 to have the

authors visit our school. The PTA spends another $400-$500 to purchase Authors in April books for the Media

Center. Students and teachers then have an opportunity to read and study the author’s work before the author’s

visit. Parents are welcome to visit the Media Center to review the books before ordering. They will also be

available for preview and purchase during the Annual Dinner in March. Once you and your child have decided

which books you’d like; complete the order form at the back of this packet and send it in with your child.

Please order early – we have only a limited supply of several book titles. The back of this handout includes a

description of the books. You may also visit the Hampton Authors in April webpage at

https://www.rochester.k12.mi.us/hampton-elementary/pages/80778/authors-in-april. Please pencil your child’s

name in the front cover of the books before you return them to be autographed. You will also receive an

autograph slip to fill out and return with the book. Please return your book to the Media Center no later than

Wednesday, April 17 for signature. You will receive more information closer to the week of the author’s visit.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation in support of this exciting annual event.

You will find additional information on all of our authors at http://www.authorsinapril.org/.

What is authors in April?

Authors in April, Inc. is a non-profit organization who brings four authors to the Rochester Community each year.  The public and parochial schools, as well as the Rochester Hills Public Library, purchase this enrichment program.  Many Rochester restaurants donate lunches and dinners.  

The Hampton PTA purchases this enrichment program from Authors in April, Inc., a non-profit organization. 

The children will meet the author/illustrator for their grade, listen to the author/illustrator talk about writing, illustrating, and publishing books. 

The classroom teachers, media dept., art, music, and gym will incorporate the authors' work into their curriculum before they arrive.  Students will be familiar with the authors' books and life and be ready for an exciting day!

District website for Authors in April:  http://www.authorsinapril.org/